A Study Of Feminine Beauty

This is a blog to celebrate women and their timeless beauty. For too long have we all seen the media only ever display this odd, edited and posed idea of woman. Now this has gotten to us in the past, but as we surf through Tumblr we all see these set up, edited images. Here we are looking at the spontaneous images, especially of those feminine and glamours old time starlets and of those today who continue the timeless style of curves and the hourglass figure. We love submissions, send them here: http://hourglass-inspiration.tumblr.com/submit And this is us, give us a visit if you are interested: http://lovescakelikeafatkidlovescake.tumblr.com/ http://librocubicularist.tumblr.com/

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Cheeky wee self-promo!

Hello all,

Just little old me again.

This is going out to any retro-style fans here in the UK who fancy getting a lovely black ASOS swimsuit in fantastic pin up style (completely unworn, I just didn’t try it on til after the return deadline!).

It is very well fitted, about a UK size 8 with adjustable bra straps and under-wired cups to fit someone around 32 B/C. All the support means it looks pretty damn good on!

Now that I have been overly self-indulgent here, I shall get back to posting pretty pictures!

Thank you for bearing with me!



This is Betty Grable, the original Pin Up girl.


This is Betty Grable, the original Pin Up girl.


It is so strange to see these sorts of adverts.  I am aware that lifestyles and body shapes were very different a few decades ago, but I can’t imagine living in a society where woman would generally feel like this.

All you really have these days in England are people that are overweight and don’t care and people obsessed with being skinny.  There are very few people I know that would like to put on weight, especially to attract a man.

Very interesting :)!